Burke Brown, an automotive engineer whose list of accomplishments is too long for this space, has figured prominently in United States powertrain and vehicle development. He joined the DCYI engineering team in 2011.

Mr. Brown cut his engineering teeth in a very tough arena, developing carburetors that would work with new emission-control equipment in the early 1970s. He later served as Chrysler’s resident engineer and on-site problem solver at the California Emissions Test Facility. Numerous positions in the automaker’s engine emissions and performance department followed, and Mr. Brown rose to the position of department manager for emissions certification and surveillance in 1981.

Later years saw him managing an advanced engine systems team that developed multi-point fuel injection and turbocharging technology. As executive engineer for large-car platform powertrain systems from 1989 to 1999, he oversaw development and launch of two modern aluminum-block V-6 engines. As director for large-car platform vehicle development from 1999 to 2001, he was responsible for Chrysler 300M, Dodge Intrepid and Eagle Vision. He later helped synergize the development of Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz rear-drive platforms.

Mr. Brown’s passion for fuel efficiency led him to establish Chrysler’s first “Center of Competency” for fuel economy. This effort focused on full-vehicle efficiency improvement, targeting the chassis, electrical system, body unit, cooling system, aerodynamics, brakes, tires, and overall weight.

The crowning achievement of Mr. Brown’s illustrious career came in 2003 when he was named chief engineer for Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum and Dodge Challenger. Responsible for all aspects of product development, vehicle function, quality control, vehicle reliability and cost, he earned praise from the engineering community and the automotive press for his work on these landmark vehicles.

Retiring at the end of 2007, Mr. Brown turned to assisting his son in the development of a new product liability analysis company, restoring antique cars, and consulting on powertrain subjects.

Mr. Brown is a graduate of Tri-State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and has studied advanced management methods with INSEAD and Dale Carnegie. He looks forward to serving the many engineering needs of DCYI’s diverse client portfolio.