David Dominic brings a wealth of experience in vehicle suspension systems, vehicle dynamics, management and cost reduction to the DCYI engineering team. With a strong background in every area of development from design and engineering to validation, he ranks among the most knowledgeable in his field.

Mr. Dominic’s engineering career was launched at Dexter Fastener Technologies in 1993, but he soon joined Chrysler as a steering and suspension engineer. His work on the small car platform in Auburn Hills and on the line at Belvidere earned him a promotion to chassis analysis engineer. In that position, he performed dynamics and load simulation on SUVs and Viper using ADAMS, MotionView and other simulation technologies.

In the early years of the new millennium, Mr. Dominic led the vehicle dynamics development team for Chrysler’s first electronic stability control as well as a new active suspension system. He also led data acquisition design and development efforts for Jeep vehicle dynamics.

Subsequent years saw him taking on additional responsibilities at Chrysler, leading a suspension team that developed the first link/coil spring rear suspension for Dodge light-duty trucks, developing simulation plans for engineers supporting motor sports series, and managing large budgets and engineering teams engaged in motor sports chassis design and simulation.

In 2008, Mr. Dominic formed his own company, The Dominic Group, Ltd., and developed the first lightweight robot-welded center-cage NASCAR frame that could be produced on automated equipment.

In 2010, he helped General Dynamics develop a proposal for the Army Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) by creating the suspension proposal and basis of estimates for the GCV suspension system.

Mr. Dominic joined DCYI in 2011 and has brought a wealth of engineering knowledge and know-how to its clients. He designed and executed high-altitude testing for brake electric vacuum-pump testing, designed and executed a testing plan for SUV electrohydraulic power-steering systems, lead a heavy-duty truck teardown workshop, and developed criteria for alternator sizing.

His efforts on behalf of DCYI clients have saved them more than $10 million in the past year alone, without negative customer impact. He’s available now to work on your project.