Jeffrey P. Zyburt brings thirty years of experience in a wide variety of engineering and management roles to DCYI. Known as the problem-solving go-to guy during his long tenure at Chrysler, Jeffrey has been a key player in facility management, product development, testing, quality control, union relations, and international business for both his former employer and DCYI clients. His strengths include organizational structure building, process development and deployment, and metrics development and deployment. A solid strategic thinker, Jeffrey is known for out-of-the-box solutions to difficult business and manufacturing problems.

Jeffrey’s career path is marked with numerous highlights. He has led a team of more than 1000 people while managing two major US-based automotive proving grounds and a major testing laboratory. While managing those facilities, he increased efficiency by 42% through the application of lean-process methodologies.

A savings of 20 million dollars was realized In Chrysler’s Dodge Challenger development program through Jeffrey’s focus on the upfront tools and processes used in the program’s early stages. His strategy for validation testing saved 70 million dollars, and the measurement techniques developed by the teams he lead enabled Chrysler to accurately predict Consumer Reports rating scores. A highly creative thinker, Jeffrey has 10 patents to his credit.

Jeffrey founded DCYI in 2008 and serves as President. A tireless executive and astute thinker, Jeffrey has led the company to a profitable position in record time. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technologies from Northern Michigan University, extensive graduate study in a variety of related fields, and experience in the implementation of Six Sigma certification, Jeffrey is well equipped to take on any engineering, process, management or manufacturing challenge.