Marvin Frinkle had various responsibilities during his 32+ years with Chrysler, all spent at the Chelsea Proving Grounds Facility in Michigan

Mr. Frinkle began his career in Emission Testing where he performed analyzer calibrations and data acquisition system implementation, as well as wrote calibration procedures for chassis dynamometers and gas chromatograph testing

Next, Mr. Frinkle moved to Instrument Services and served as support engineer for the Metrology Laboratory and equipment support for several departments at CPG. He created the first computer-based digital weather station which included uploads to the company mainframe computers. He also developed computer based digital acquisition, storage, and graphical reporting systems for several departments, including Brake Certification, Performance Testing, Vehicle Test, and Passby Noise Testing departments. He co-produced the first automated Vehicle Information System which automatically, and unattended, gathered and reported data from multiple test vehicles. He also removed and replaced all of the controls in the All-Weather Covered Crash Barrier Facility, changing several antiquated separate systems into one PLC under computer control to handle door locks, high speed cameras, high intensity lighting, building lighting, building door lock system, and tow and abort systems.

His final move was to the Test Schedule Development group. Here he was involved in correlating test schedules from site to site and between companies, using instrumented test vehicles. Schedules comparisons of Chrysler, American Motors, Renault, and Daimler Benz were performed which led to adjustments to various test schedules. He led several site to site schedule matching efforts. A match to NATC’s truck test cycle was created for the Chelsea and Arizona PG facilities using data from instrumented vehicles. He was responsible to create all of the structural durability test cycles for the Yucca Arizona PG after its purchase from Ford, including selection of test vehicles, defining channel requirements, data collection, data reduction, and reporting. Much effort was expended during this assignment towards understanding customer usage and applying this understanding to updating structural durability schedules.

As part of the DCYI consulting team, Mr. Frinkle has continued to support test schedule development and correlation for customers with PG facilities in the US, Italy, Brazil, and China
Mr. Frinkle has a B.S. in Physics from NMU and a B.S.E.E. from University of Michigan