Mike Cwiek brings a wealth engineering expertise to DCYI clients. With more than thirty years of experience in the design, development and testing of automotive electronic and electrical systems, Mr. Cwiek is a most valuable member of the team.

As a key contributor at Chrysler, Mr. Cwiek was responsible for numerous engineering innovations. In his early years at the company, he designed and developed the software and hardware used to control early electronic engine components, including the feedback carburetor, ignition controller, and the first working prototype of a distributor-less ignition system. A few years later, he again broke new engineering ground when he designed and developed Chrysler’s first programmable vehicle-electronics diagnostic tester.

Responding to the need for vehicle electrical-system integration and technical coordination, Mr. Cwiek helped bring Chrysler’s disparate electrical engineering teams together in the late 1980s to develop a vehicle integration methodology. The endeavor achieved huge cost savings by extending the use of multiplexing and the strategic repartitioning of electronic controllers. Other design and development breakthroughs followed, including enhanced engine, transmission, chassis and passenger-safety electronic controllers.

While Mr. Cwiek is a great conceptual engineer, he is also an excellent manager of people and programs. He oversaw the development and implementation of electrical and electronic systems for the large-car platform and small-car platform teams, represented Chrysler on the USCAR connector-standardization committee and managed the wiring systems and electrical programs for each of the front-wheel-drive platform team’s nine vehicle programs.

A person who believes in giving back, Mr. Cwiek recently took time off from his engineering career to teach Science at the Michigan Collegiate High School. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical/Electronic engineering from Wayne State University and earned his secondary-education teacher certification in Physics, Mathematics and General Science at Saginaw Valley State University.