Robert P. Weir is a Test and Development Engineering Specialist with vast experience in test quality improvement, process improvement, data acquisition, survey development and load cell development. His expertise has helped DCYI clients develop accelerated durability testing schedules, based on innovative test techniques.

Mr. Weir joined the DCYI team in 2012 and has contributed in many areas, but his most important role is that of schedule development specialist with a focus on powertrain issues. With vast experience in powertrain testing, he brings key skills to the development of accelerated schedules that can be accurately equated to customer equivalent miles (CEMs).

Working with DCYI colleagues for various U.S. and international clients, Mr. Weir recently created presentations and reports for the severe battery duty cycle characterization project. He has been instrumental in vehicle rolls data acquisition and the creating of reports from that data. When FCA’s Chelsea Proving Ground needed a ControlTec data-mining tool that would enable simultaneous monitoring of numerous fleet vehicles, Mr. Weir answered the call.

Other work for DCYI included new surveys for China and India markets that resulted in powertrain tests for those markets. He was also instrumental in the creation of an electric vehicle survey that utilized a 95th percentile powertrain test-development process. A long list of other achievements includes a stop/start system test that targeted a worst-case 100% city driving environment.

Before joining DCYI, Mr. Weir refined Chrysler’s powertrain testing methodology and designed equivalent, objective powertrain tests for all of the automaker’s North American test facilities. His efforts greatly enhanced testing quality, as evidenced by similar failure modes at all locations. To further enhance Chrysler testing, he developed a world-class inertial laser road profiling system.

Like many of the world’s best engineers, Mr. Weir is a hands-on guy. He once worked as an aircraft powerplant and airframe mechanic. Thus, his knowledge of mechanical and powertrain systems is rooted in deep practical experience, and the high standards he applies to every endeavor are the result of having worked at tasks where perfection is mandatory.

Mr. Weir, an accomplished craftsman and woodworker, spends some of his leisure time working on two pet projects: the restoration of a horse-drawn sleigh and a 1964 Corvette. To reupholster the Corvette’s seats, he purchased a leather sewing machine and learned to make upholstery. That’s hands on.