The Six-Facet Formula for Product Development Success
DCYI believes that the development cycle for most products can be represented as a circle comprised of six equal facets. The circular shape indicates that the cycle is a closed loop, and that lessons learned at every step of development can be fed back into the process for continuous improvement. Our experience has shown that a plan of action based on these six concepts will result in a successful product launch. Of course DCYI will work with your team to fine-tune the development cycle to fit your specific needs and culture. But it all starts right here with the six facets explained below. It’s a strategy that has been proven successful in a multitude of situations over many years.

1 – Strategic Planning & Project Management
2 – Define Customer Requirements
3 – Design & Development
4 – Cost, Design & Process Optimization
5 – Product Validation & Testing
6 – Implementation & Quality Feedback